Looking to Buy Bitcoin in Canada – These Are the Most Trusted Places in 2018

Looking to Buy Bitcoin in Canada – These Are the Most Trusted Places in 2018

Bitcoins are definitely all the rage all over the world right now, and Canada is no exception to the craze. However, before anyone can start making transactions with bitcoins, they first need to buy them and luckily, now there are a lot of places where people can do that and in this article we will introduce you to three of the best places where you can go and purchase bitcoin.


If you are a resident of Canada, then you can use Conbase to purchase bitcoins by using your credit card. There is a 3.99% fee with every purchase that you make and the great thing is that your bitcoins will be delivered to you immediately. Some of the pros of using this site are the high liquidity and buying limits that you get as well as the instant buy option that is available with either credit or debit cards, and of course there is the big bonus of how easy it is for newcomers to get bitcoins. Probably the biggest drawback is the fact that purchases that are made with a bank transfer can take up to 5 days to complete and that the site itself may track where you spend your bitcoin and how much you spend.

Satoshi Counter

This is a particularly good place for you if you live in Montreal because then you can buy bitcoin in person, but if you don’t, then you can still just do it online. This company will also allow you to purchase large amounts of bitcoins, all the way up to $1 million worth, although for something like this, you will need to provide some extra verification. One of the biggest perks of this company is that it will allow you to buy large amount of bitcoins and that it is a very reliable and trusted broker. Something that might bother some people is the fact that even cash purchases require identity verifications, which means even those are not private.


Apart from this being a bitcoin broker, they are also an AMT operator. You can buy your bitcoins at thousands of locations all across Canada and you can also buy bitcoins with cash at one of their ATM machines. Something that’s really great about BitAccess is that you are not required to give an ID for any smaller transactions, but the downsides are that all of the fees start at 10% and you will be required to provide an ID for any bigger transactions that you may want to make.

These places are only a few of the many in Canada that will allow you to buy bitcoin. Of course, they all have their pros and cons which is why we felt it was important for us to list some of those as well, so that this way you have as much information as possible before you make your final choice.

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